Flower+Girl Series #1 – Have a Beautiful Day

The “Flower+Girl” series is, as the title suggests, a series of works featuring a girl with flowers. #1 in the series, “Have a Beautiful Day,” is a mixed-media painting built on a coloring canvas purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby. These canvases are essentially coloring pages printed on primed, smooth-grained canvas and are normally intended for marker work. Like everything I pick up there, it was on sale/clearance and had potential but was sadly half-assed. (This started out with just the flower outlines and the letter outlines on it, and as a result, it was boring as hell.)

Flower+Girl-01Detail01I drew the girl in the center after I decided on some improvements to the original line art, and she is painted with watercolor marker. She’s lined with a Sharpie pen, as are the words. The letters are filled with multiple layers of acrylic paint and shadowed with watercolor brush pen. A top layer on the letters includes Revlon Transforming Effects 765 Holographic Pearls, a glitter nail enamel. (In this close-up photo, you can see the rainbow effect has disappeared under strong light rather than shifting colors.)

Flower+Girl-01Detail03The flowers and background are multiple layers of acrylic paint. I added impressionist-style highlighting and shading to give the flowers a little more pop and texture. The background areas (with some splash over in key areas) are finished with Sally Hansen Big Shimmer Top Coat, a clear nail enamel with iridescent glitter. (The iridescent effect comes through well in the green and yellow shifting apparent in the close-up photo.)

Flower+Girl-01Detail02The final touch on this work was bumblebee stickers that are normally intended for scrapbooking. The square of sticky material on the bottom was tiny and not at all secure, so I removed it and replaced it with a dab of the Revlon nail enamel. I then sealed over the top of the entire sticker with glossy Mod-Podge. This tightened down all the loose pieces (body, wings) and gave permanent fixture to the painting.


“Have a Beautiful Day” is currently at its new home in my daughter’s preschool hallway.