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I’m an artist representing my small portion of the queer and pagan community through art and writing.


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  • Catarina Claes Gets Into Trouble, Inclusion Ensues

    Catarina Claes Gets Into Trouble, Inclusion Ensues

    I think often about what Anne must have inwardly thought about her young charge. Catarina Claes, an otome game villainess in one life and a reincarnated high school girl in another life, suffered a pivotal mishap in childhood that sent her down two wildly differing paths. She took a spill over an uneven bit of […]

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  • What’s Wrong with Your Dog?

    What’s Wrong with Your Dog?

    “What is wrong with your dog?” I kind of knew the question was coming. Gideon and I had been standing on the beach, watching a grizzled, sturdy gentleman throw a stick into the lapping waves of Lake Superior, only to have his beautiful white pitbull crash through the waves and swim out to joyfully retrieve […]

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